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1927 Delage being restored in Tasmania

  The following story and photos were provided to the Web Master by Tasmanian member Chester for publication on the site. It’s coming on well.  I look forward to the finished product:- The Delage is a DM model of 1927. It is a 3.5 litre oh model with a four speed gearbox. It will happily cruise all day at 60mph. There are about 25 DM cars in Australia and this[…]

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Restoration of a 1954 Big 15 Citroen

Restoration of a 1954 Big 15 Citroen Author: Hank Ten Tieje Sitting on the back of my dad’s motorcycle in 1958 or 1959 as he was going to work I spotted what I later discovered was the front half of a DS Citroen going the opposite direction. Now before you say he’s been on the bottle again, I was 11 or 12 years of age and only saw what I[…]

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Grubwit has arrived.

Author: Club Member Roger Grubert Those who know me would no doubt be able to describe me with two short words ” Gas Bag”. I am writing a science fiction adventure rescue called the ” Green Fox”. Green, green, the grass is green – and so is the Fox. How it got to Tasmania? Nobody knows! -including the Fox. It is now gone. How it was got rid of  is[…]

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