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VCCA Tas. (Northern Section) Spare Parts Listing V. 11

VCCA Spares – Master Copy V.11 – 2021.06.06
06 June 2021
VCCA Tas. (Northern Section) Spare Parts Listing V.11

The latest update Version of this Document (V.11) dated 06.06.2021 “Club Owned Spares for Sale” is now available on the VCCA Tas (Northern Section) Club website. This supersedes all other versions and is dated 06th June 2021
New items in this document include
Fan Belts
Radiator Hoses
Engine Mountings
Diff Centres
Crown Wheel and Pinions.
Plus a complete update in “All Sections” of this document.
Brake parts, Filters, Contact Sets, Tie Rods, Wheel Bearings etc Engine Bearings, Wiper Motors, Axles, Roller Bearings.

Alan Smith


  1. Peter Downes - 02/09/2021 6:12 pm

    Hi, How do I go about buying a spare part. I am not a member, but am of the Austin A40 Car Club. I am interested in Windscreen Wiper motor 75064 Model CR 2 Used Rootes Group Lucas. I think it is on p.85 of VCAA Spares v.11.

    • Alan Smith - 02/09/2021 7:45 pm

      Hello Peter,
      There is no need to be a member of the VCCA, as this parts list is on the public forum for all to view, and assist people in their restorations etc.
      You will recieve a PM to your email shortly.
      regards Alan

  2. kenneth johnson - 12/09/2021 8:46 pm

    Hi Allan
    Ken here from the club,spoke at run today to evandale.
    I have tried to find any spares for both my Humber or the 1936 Fargo but both come up as empty[no results] am i doing something wrong or are there no spares available.

    • Alan Smith - 13/09/2021 10:23 am

      Hi Ken, i have just checked the parts document, and there are around 43 Humber parts and 13 odd Fargo parts. ctrl F should bring up a box for you to type your vehicle name into, and then click on the arrows for each part to be highlighted for you. These parts are listed with the years, so may not all suit your vehicle. You will recieve a PM to your email address shortly. regards Alan


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