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VCCA Tas. (Northern Section) Spare Parts Listing – V.9

Prospective customer’s wishing to enquire about spare parts should comment in this Spare Parts section, on the club web page and we will get back to them. Make sure you include your email.

VCCA Tas. (Northern Section) Spare Parts Department.
The latest update Version of this Document (V.9) dated June.2018 “Club Owned Spares for Sale” is now available on the VCCA Club website. This supersedes all other versions and is dated 15th June 2018.
New items on this document include
Speedo Cables – Flexidrive Australia
Brake Cables – Hand and Wheel – PBR Australia
Gearshift Cables – PBR
Clutch Cables – PBR
Piston Rings – Poulson, Perfect Circle, and Repco
Spark Plugs – AC, Bosch, Champion, KLG, ND and Golden Lodge.

Plus a complete update in “All Sections” of this document

Alan Smith
VCCA Spares – Master Copy V.9 – 14.06.2018

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