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  • motoring related magazine adds

    Some early pre WW2 magazine adds are interesting. They help give an insight to some inventions and accessories offered the motor car/bike owners of the time.

  • Car Advertising Artwork

    Some of the early artwork of cars used for advertising are very interesting. They are a refreshing contrast from modern day airbrushed digital photography.  Often the proportions are exaggerated in the areas the manufacturers would prefer the car to be.  So some American cars may be longer, English cars more spacious etc. Most of the entries here are small Fords, Prefects, Thames, Anglia etc as the contributor is a little[…]

  • 1994 Historic and Machinery societies display Queensland

    1994 Historic and Machinery societies display Queensland Album posted by Noel Windsor

  • 1962 Golden fleece Rally

    1962 Golden fleece Rally Its a fascinating insight to early rallying by our club

  • Early miscellaneous photos including trains and service stations.

    Early miscellaneous photos including trains and service stations.

  • Brooklands Race Track 1910

    This is a rare collection of photos taken. They have been in the possession of our car club for a very long time. Of particular interest is some photos of a very early airplane. It would have been quite a novelty at the time. One of the photos shows its demise as it crashed just minutes after take off. The quality of the photos isn’t great. They have been on[…]