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Historic Racing photos

Some of the photos in these collections had been thrown out and had been rescued from certain loss for ever others have been found in lofts and shoe boxes and are regularly being added to the collection

Baskeville historics meeting held in November each year.Old cars in modern times

Longford 1960’s and Valley field 1940’s Look out for the flag man at the start finish in Longford photos. He is Noel Windsor, still a member of our VCCA Tas club.

Baskerville in the state’s South from the 1960’s

historic photos from Symmons Plains Raceway in the State’s North. Some of the photos in these collections had been thrown out and had been rescued from certain loss for ever.

Bathurst circa 1955-56 including some Red ex trial cars.

Motor Cycle racing in Tasmania 1948-49

A great AJS motorcycle story This album contains some very interesting photos of a man and his AJS Motorcycle. Click onto the photo to view the album




General Historic photos (including some early racing photos)

Nigel Bills Collection This album contains interesting early photos of cars on streets, race tracks and in various stages of restoration. All are from well over 50 years ago it seems.

Gordon Fysh Albums Gordon Fysh was an early founder of the VCCA Tas and donated an album of wonderful labeled photos of early club events. The club holds a memorial run each year in memory of Gordon Fysh. Some of the photos are extremely rare and are of great historic significance

Early miscellaneous photos including trains and service stations.

1962 Golden fleece Rally Its a fascinating insight to early rallying by our club

1957 Golden Fleece rally

Reproduced Tasmanian Automobile Club photos from pre 1915 from the VCCA Tasmania collection:

1914 Lady Drivers day TAC (Tasmanian Automobile Club)

1913 TAC Reliability Trial Launceston-Hobart

1912 TAC Reliability Trail Launceston-Burnie

1911 TAC Reliability Trials

1910 Brooklands Race (link to a photo album page on this site)

1910 TAC Reliability Trial Launceston to Hobart

1910 TAC Reliability Trial Hobart to Launceston

1909 TAC reliability trial Launceston-Hobart

1908 TAC reliability trial

1907 TAC reliability trial Launceston-Hobart

Selection of VCCA Tas Car club event photos

We have hundreds more photos available for members in the members only section:

 2010 National Veteran Rally held in Tasmania

Click here to view the photos taken by members

Click here to view the slide show of the competition entries


2009 State Rally

The 2009 State Rally was held in the Southern part of Tasmania.

2009 State Rally. Photos sent in by Noel Windsor

2009 Peter Waddle Memorial Veteran Rally

2009 Peter Waddle Memorial Veteran Rally Photos taken by VCCA Tas members Kelvin Callahan and Ellis French

2008 State Rally

The 2008 March State rally was well recorded by photos. The crossing of the weir of the Launceston Cataract Gorge was a rare spectacle.

crossing the Gorge 2008

2008 March State Rally held in the North Saturday (275)

2008 March State Rally Launceston Gorge causeway crossing Sunday (246)

2008 March State Rally held in the North after the causeway crossing Sunday (281)

2008 March State Rally held in the North Monday Morning (74)

2008 March Panoramic photos State rally (5)

Other Events of Interest:

2006 50th Anniversary Quercus Park Carrick (323)

2004 VCCA outing to Sheffield Tasmania

2004 National 1 and 2 Cylinder rally held in Tasmania (41)

2003 Peter Waddle Memorial Veteran Rally (24)

1994 Historic and Machinery societies display Queensland

1993 World Rally held in Tasmania (63)

Gordon Fysh Tour

The Gordon Fysh tour is a very popular state event held in November each year. Starting from Launceston and finishing somewhere South, usually around Brighton it closely resembles the London to Brighton distance.

2002 Gordon Fysh tour November (88)


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    … now with my email-address added …

    In second half of February I sent a comment like this, as well as an email some days later to Scott Carter, both on the subject of photos in the “Nigel Bills Collection”. In this old album we found some very interesting photos of our type 40 Bugatti 1927, which was in the ownership of Nigel Bills ca. 1945-46 and which my wife and I bought from Terry Ireland, Adelaide in 2006. We both wish to supply you with some information regarding this ex-Tasmania Bugatti, and we also have some questions in which you may help.
    Kind regards
    Frank Studstrup

  2. Ellis French - 07/03/2016 10:49 am

    Have emailed you re a contact for information


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