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small torques not in website

Due to some recent outages where the website shut down the owners of the space where the clubs site is stored have restricted the size of files that can be uploaded. This means I can no longer load the electronic copies of the Small Torque. Most would be aware that you can now request to have the electronic copy sent to you by email. It’s worth it as you get[…]

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Website Gremlins

Some people have been getting multiple notifications of posts and others for various reasons none. House renovator/ webmaster/ race car driver/ retired glider pilot and grandfather to be Tim is aware of problem and will attend when he has a few hours to spare …..Ellis

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Private Use of VC cars form now loaded

The form to be used by members when applying for a Club Permit to use a VC registered vehicle for events such as Family Weddings/Funerals, School Leavers functions, authorised parades or registered charity occasions (as detailed in Section 7, Page 16 of the By-Laws in the Club Handbook)  has been loaded onto the site. Click here to get the form. Download onto your computer and print it off so you[…]

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Cold Vintage Cars


Member Terry Campbell sent me an email with some rather cold looking vintage cars. Makes me feel a little better about the heat wave Tassie has- Tim Johnson

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Australia day run (North)

(Author Tim Johnson) I haven’t been able to attend many runs in the last year or so.  Therefore the mystery run on Australia day was both a pleasure and and a rarity for me. John and Geraldine did a fantastic job with the quiz and route. Seeing I didn’t have a passenger to assist in the quiz, I just ‘went along for the ride’. The only photo I took of[…]

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