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VCCA Tas (Northern Section) Spare Parts Listing V.7

Prospective customer’s wishing to enquire about spare parts should comment in this  Spare Parts section, on the club web page and we will get back to them. Make sure you include your email.   VCCA Tas. (Northern Section) Spare Parts Department. The latest update Version of this Document (V.7) dated 06.07.2016 “Club Owned Spares for Sale” is now the VCCA Club website. This supersedes all other versions and is dated[…]

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1927 Delage being restored in Tasmania

  The following story and photos were provided to the Web Master by Tasmanian member Chester for publication on the site. It’s coming on well.  I look forward to the finished product:- The Delage is a DM model of 1927. It is a 3.5 litre oh model with a four speed gearbox. It will happily cruise all day at 60mph. There are about 25 DM cars in Australia and this[…]

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tips on restoring

Note from Webmaster: I have started a new sub group category of Resto Revelations called Restoration tips. Articles loaded in this area also show in Resto Revelations. I have been a member of this club for many years. I feel honored being in the company of so many clever people. This is a great location for questions and tips to be shared.

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