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Restoration of a 1954 Big 15 Citroen

Restoration of a 1954 Big 15 Citroen Author: Hank Ten Tieje Sitting on the back of my dad’s motorcycle in 1958 or 1959 as he was going to work I spotted what I later discovered was the front half of a DS Citroen going the opposite direction. Now before you say he’s been on the bottle again, I was 11 or 12 years of age and only saw what I[…]

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1927 Chevrolet Six Speed

In sourcing suitable parts for the restoration for our Chevrolet Touring Car, many items where purchased from all corners of the Island. Possibly the most interesting was this road registered 1927 Chevrolet Six Speed Hauler, which had been used for pulling diggings from a mine, in the north of the state. The original 1927 engine and 3 speed gearbox drove through a Dodge 3 speed gearbox, into a Dodge rear[…]

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Resto revelations

A note from the Webmaster: This news category has been started to enable members to publish their own stories of restoration of club eligible vehicles. Buried in my files I have photos of progress of restoration of some of my vehicles. They can be easily loaded in here and a story can be attached. If its an ongoing project I can easily add more stories about that resto as it[…]

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