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Private Use of VC cars form now loaded

The form to be used by members when applying for a Club Permit to use a VC registered vehicle for events such as Family Weddings/Funerals, School Leavers functions, authorised parades or registered charity occasions (as detailed in Section 7, Page 16 of the By-Laws in the Club Handbook)  has been loaded onto the site. Click here to get the form. Download onto your computer and print it off so you[…]

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VCCA Membership Form

This is a PDF form. Print it out, and fill it in. If you are having difficulty with filling in some section, don’t panic. Contact us here by leaving a comment. make sure your contact details are correct. It’s ok, they will not be made public. (This form is for the 2015-16 year) Nomination Form for Website This form is for joining the club  

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