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Private Use of VC cars form now loaded

The form to be used by members when applying for a Club Permit to use a VC registered vehicle for events such as Family Weddings/Funerals, School Leavers functions, authorised parades or registered charity occasions (as detailed in Section 7, Page 16 of the By-Laws in the Club Handbook)  has been loaded onto the site. Click here to get the form. Download onto your computer and print it off so you[…]

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France to Freycinet -Triabunna

Another good day, with not even enough wind to sail the French Flags, the France to Freycinet celebrations took place on the East Coast. A good showing of Renault, Citroen and even the odd Peugeot were seen gracing Triabunna’s village square, complete with one Holden and a Model Ford Roadster albeit in the next paddock. The game fishing boats dwarf the wharf, and the awesome V8 powered boat, was a[…]

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CrayFish Creek Weekend

After a wet start on Friday night, sun, sand, and long walks were enjoyed by the VCCA members who attended the Crayfish Creek weekend. A 50th Wedding anniversary for Eileen and Cyril along with the very pleasant tunes from Noel Gardam made for an enjoyable Friday evening sitting around in the camp kitchen and internal B-B-Q. A good quiet and relaxing time for members in this quiet location which many[…]

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