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1927 Delage being restored in Tasmania


The following story and photos were provided to the Web Master by Tasmanian member Chester for publication on the site. It’s coming on well.  I look forward to the finished product:-

The Delage is a DM model of 1927. It is a 3.5 litre oh model with a four speed gearbox. It will happily cruise all day at 60mph.
There are about 25 DM cars in Australia and this one will be the only one in Tasmania.
I bought the car about five years ago as a chassis without body. The gearing would have suggested it had a saloon body.
I wanted to create a typical French body that wouldn’t look out of place in Paris.
I had in mind a body that graced a Voisin but five minutes later that idea soon changed to what we have now. Missing from the photo is of course is the bonnet that has it’s louvres following the lines of the front guards and there is a cover almost Art Deco. That covers the spare wheel.
On the other side is a rakish box that will either hold tools or two champagne flutes and a bottle.
The timber deck is fiddleback Blackwood sourced from here. The headlights are Marchall.
The next job is the trim and when completed will get it going in Melbourne and then bring it over here sometime later this year.delage 059 IMG_1262 delage 058

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  1. Peter Riggall - 10/06/2015 6:33 pm

    Looks amazing!


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